If your non-profit has an upcoming fundraising event, and you would like us to help you promote it in the helping hands section of our paper, please complete the form below

Helping Hands Section

Is only for fund-raisers that have specific event date(s), but NOT for regular ongoing efforts to raise funds
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Limited Publishing Space

All organizations have great events and schedules for helping out in the community, but we do not have space to provide everyone's calendar of events.

Non-Profit Events Only

Please do not submit events such as: a musical event, events with a fee for attendance in a learning class or other similar programs, paper drive, selling of items, events mainly to promote vendors with the only income being raised is from their payment for attending,

We Cannot Post Every Event

Space is limited so please accept our apology if we do not get your event listed.

Currently we are NOT taking new submissions

Increased publishing rates

Cost of publishing have risen extremely high over the last year as the paper had risen to all time highs. This was due to the tariff with Canada that was placed on wood imports. While the tariff on wood imports has been removed, the cost of newsprint paper has never come down. This created a 40% increase in printing the Tidbits every week. And many other costs have increased recently, some from tariffs and some with inflation. Since starting this business in 2005 my electric bill has increased by 37% yet I have not increase my ad rates.

Current situation

While in eight pages we do not have room to include any FREE helping hands posts at this time.

Please help us increase pages by doing business with our clients and letting them know you enjoy the Tidbits.

Also you could let other business owners know that you read Tidbits and recommend that they contact us to advertise.

I would like to increase rates

I would like to increase them to keep up with rising costs as would many other business owners yet if I do I would not be able to retain clients. Other media outlets have tried to increase their rates but they have either reduced them since or in many cases offer huge discounts. What is a rate card if everyone gets a discount? By giving discounts, who knows if they are getting a competitive rate compared to their business competitors.
If you would still like to get your information out to our readers, we can work up a classified ad for you which would typically cost between five and ten dollars per week. The cost is based on the amount of content you send, and we can make adjustments to what you send prior to your approval for print

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Our goal is to cost effectively increase business for our marketing clients
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