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What our Advertisers say:

Amanda Rixen

Hot Shots Nuclear Medicine
1601 1st Ave SE,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52403

After many weeks of using online services for employment ads, with very few leads produced, we placed a classified ad in the Tidbits paper. We had easily twice the contacts from prospective new employees, and were able to hire for all of our open positions from the Tidbits ad. I would highly recommend trying Tidbits; for not only a more cost-effective, but also a more productive option for your hiring needs!

Thanks Tidbits, Amanda Rixen

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Mark Puerling

Fraternal Order of Eagles
#965 Iowa City
225 Hwy 1 West
Iowa City, IA 52246
Posted 7/21/2020

Tidbits has been great with developing our ads. The content and appearance is great. We are a non-profit and the rate is great. When we need a special ad, Russ and the team make it awesome. Tidbits has also helped raise money at various events for the Eagles. We love the readership and professionalism of Tidbits.

Thanks much,

Mark Puerling

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Jill Muckler

Territory Operator
Dairy Queen Of Linn County
162 Collins Rd NE PMB225
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Re-posted 7/21/2020

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial regarding the impact Tidbits has had on our 11  Linn County Stores.

We have been running an ad every week on the front page since 2006, and receive many comments from customers about those ads. I see Tidbits at many locations in addition to our stores, and always read it myself while waiting for a Doctor appointment, or enjoying lunch at the DQ! It is informative, entertaining, and free!!

In addition to the regular weekly ad, I think your potential clients would like to know of the additional services you have provided to our franchisees. Many of them use you to print up menus for customers to take back to the office for call in orders. I have many times had you design special coupons that we often donate to charity walks or other fundraisers. Often you will make special sale posters for us as well, since we sometimes run specials that the national advertising unit of Dairy Queen does not make available for us. It is invaluable to have a poster in the stores that mirrors the ad we are running in Tidbits.

All in all, we are very pleased with the ongoing relationship we have with you, and would highly recommend Tidbits to anyone looking to reach new or existing customers on a weekly basis, at some of the most reasonable rates anywhere.

Sincerely, Jill Muckler

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Craig Dostal

D. A. Bunch Co.
4003 J St. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Craig has been marketing since the first issue that came out February 6th, 2006!

Dear Russ,

I wanted to write you a quick letter to tell you how much I enjoy the Tidbits. Since 2006 when you created our first ad, it has been truly amazing to see the growth of your paper. I literally see it all over town. What great exposure for any business advertising with you.

Congratulations on your success with the Tidbits. I would recommend anyone looking for a good use of their advertising dollar to place an ad with you.

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Josh Philipp

ATC RV Center
1850 Commercial Dr,
Walford, Iowa, 52531
Posted 3/7/2020

We have been advertising with Tidbits for 10 years. Russ and his staff are great to work with. Tidbits has been beneficial to our daily business for sales and service.

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Larry Smith

1890 7th Avenue
Marion, IA 52302

Captivating Crafts

We have been advertising with Tidbits for 6 years. Russ and his staff have been always very helpful with layouts and content. The ads have been very beneficial to our business success.

Larry Smith 3/1/2020

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Pam Reilly

Pam Acquired Advanced Hair Technologies in 2017 and has continued to market in the Tidbits which Daryl Grecian had marketed AHT since 2007.
245 Classic Car Court SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

HRC Hair Replacement Center

As a small business owner, I believe strongly in keeping things local. That's why I love Linn County Tidbits. It reaches the audience I need it to with fun facts to boot. We keep the paper in our lobby and it is a favorite among our clients. Kudos to Russ for keeping us entertained all these years!

Thanks, Russ, Pam. 2/13/2020

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David Pitts

David begin marketing in with Tidbits in 2010 and wrote this unsolicited testimonial and is still very happy today with marketing in Tidbits!
Why USA Eastern Iowa Realty

I have been using Tidbits for over 4 months now and am excited to report that I have had some good calls from the display advertising I have been doing.

I really like how easy it is to get my ad to the publisher and get a proof back for my review so quickly. This has been a positive experience to date. I am very glad I chose to advertise in Tidbits.

David Pitts

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Ron Kelley

Kelley Properties Inc. has been marketing on the front page of Tidbits since 2008.
2750 1st Ave. NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

We are very selective with our advertising dollar, and track results religiously. We average 6-8 inquiries per month and actually rent 1-2 apartments per month as a direct result of advertising in the Tidbits. Per dollar spent this gives us a better return than the local newspaper.

Sincerely, Ronald L Kelley

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Andrew Maas, RN BSN

Briarwood Health Care Center begin marketing on the front page the first year Tidbits was available in Iowa City, 2011
605 Greenwood Drive
Iowa City, IA 52246

I stopped at Zio Johno’s to pick up a take out order. As I waited for my order I looked around for something to read to pass the time.

I spotted a stack of brightly colored papers folded neatly in half. The paper carried the name of Tidbits. The sign said “Free, take one” and so I did. As I flipped through it I forgot that I was in a hurry to get my food order and became more focused on the content of the paper. I couldn’t help but notice the advertising within it especially since I handle marketing for Briarwood. The ads were professionally designed to be eye catching and the detail was crisp and clean. Plus, all the ads were in full color!

Just as I became engrossed with Tidbits trivia and was attempting to solve a puzzle it was announced my order was ready.

The following week I approved ad design  and my ad began running in the Linn County edition and later the Johnson County edition. I have been a Tidbits reader since and continue to market our services with them.

Sincerely, Andrew Maas, RN BSN


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Steve Emig

Skogman Realtor Steve Emig has been marketing on the front page of Tidbits since the first edition February 6th, 2006
Posted 3/17/2007

I just wanted to let you know that I get a lot of comments that people have seen my ad in Tidbits.

You do a great job distributing the publication and people enjoy reading it.

It is a good "bang for your advertising dollar". I've been in Tidbits since you first started and you are great to work with! I always recommend my friends in business to give Tidbits a try!

Sincerely, Steve Emig

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Dave Braden Agency

American Family
Dave Braden Agency
1715 Johnson Ave. NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation regarding my experience with the Tidbits publication. I have been advertising in the Tidbits since 2006. Each week, it never fails that new people come up to me and mention that they have seen my ad in Tidbits. I feel that Tidbits has been a good investment for my advertising dollars. You can't beat the local circulation that Tidbits gets. I would highly recommend it to anybody considering placing advertisement in the Tidbits publication.

Sincerely, Dave Braden

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Kyle Robinson

Kyle’s Framing and Gallery
Indian Creek Lure Company
601 7th Ave.
Marion, IA 52302

Kyle’s Framing and Gallery has advertised in Tidbits since 2006. We offer clients a discount off custom framing when they mention our ad in Tidbits and find it an effective use of our advertising budget. We are proud to join other local, Marion businesses who advertise in Tidbits, to promote our growing downtown Marion!

Russ stops by often with new ideas for promotions and print ideas. He sets up our ad accurately, quickly and ensures our ad looks enticing and professional. New customers come through our door because they saw Kyle’s Framing and Gallery in Tidbits!

Who hasn’t been in a waiting room, restaurant or office and NOT noticed the rack of Tidbits inside the front door? Russ and his staff do a great job of saturating the advertising market. Whenever we walk in a business and see the Tidbits display, we know Kyle’s Framing and Gallery has hit that target, too!

Because of the Tidbit format, potential clients of all ages and professions will pick up a Tidbits. They might be in search of a service or a discount, but most often it will be because the monthly theme is of interest or someone will know to search for a puzzle, poem, cartoon or article. Clients remember to call us when they have custom framing and artwork needs because they saw it leisurely sitting at their desk or kitchen table… in a Tidbits.

In 2011, we opened a new business called Indian Creek Lure Company. Tidbits was our first mode of advertising and has seen real results!

Give Russ Swart and Tidbits the opportunity to earn your business!

Sincerely, Kyle Robinson, Owner

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What our Readers say:

Sue McConnell


So enjoy reading the articles in your paper. I pick up extra ones to share with others who also really enjoy reading the articles and are always amazed @ how you come up with the ideas!!!

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Dennis E Beatty

Cedar Rapids, IA

I enjoy reading Tidbits every week and have taken advantage of the Zio Johno’s “half price” voucher deal. I’m REALLY impressed by having Russ always answering phone calls and seeming to be “on the job” 24/7. It’s a great free weekly publication! Dennis E Beatty

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Dan Burke

Center Point, IA

I really enjoy the articles and the contests are awesome! I won haunted house tickets back in October! How cool is that? Good stuff!

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Ron Helgerson

Marion, IA

We totally enjoy reading and doing the puzzles in the Tidbits paper every week, can't wait until the next week's edition, this is one paper I read from cover to cover, and also I enter the weekly drawings.

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David Bell

Cedar Rapids, IA

Tidbits is FUN to read. The articles and trivia are light and upbeat which is a nice change of pace from the usual. I enjoy the puzzles as a nice break from the work day and at my barbers while I'm waiting. I see it everywhere which is great.

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Louis Van Marm

Cedar Rapids, IA

Tidbits is a great paper. It actually takes me longer to read Tidbits then it does the daily paper. It always has interesting articles and games.

I've won the Tidbits weekly drawing about four times now. So, I would like to tell everyone that's they all have a good chance to win. Just register each week. It only takes a few minutes. I just won a pizza from Mammamias. Keep up the good work Tidbits!

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Grace H. Zimmerman

Anamosa, IA

Tidbits is fun to read. The horoscopes are different. Mostly, your articles are meaty containing items of interest not easily researched. Thanks for good reading.

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Judy Hall

Marion, IA

I love reading Tidbits.  It is a fun publication. I love trivia and there are so many interesting facts and stories.  I like to enter the drawings and I have won.  Yeah!  I received a gift card to Zio Zohno's and had a great pizza and great service.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

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Jerry Farland

Marion, IA

I enjoy reading Tidbits when I stop at various places in the area. They are always fun to look at. I enter the contest most weeks and I just won 2 tickets to Penguins Comedy Club. My wife and I are looking forward to going to the show. Thanks for a great paper.

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Tim Dohrmann

Cedar Rapids, IA

There are lots of interesting facts in the Tidbits.

Plus I won a prize on the Tidbits web site drawings!

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Sandy Matt

Cedar Rapids, IA

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy reading the Tidbits each week. I have been a loyal reader from the first edition. The reading is very informative and interesting and easy reading. I enjoy the puzzles also as

they are a great stress reliever. I also have been lucky enough to win certificates from many of the advertisers in the paper. I would never have tried these places without the certificate and have become a loyal customer of several of the advertisers. It is a win-win situation for all of us.

I would encourage you to pick up the paper and read it and enter the Tidbits drawing and try your luck at winning some certificates. It is easy to enter and fun to win.

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Norrine Kahler

Ely, IA

I really enjoy the variety in the Tidbits. I entered one of the drawings and won a $10 gift certificate to Shueys, which had great food and service.

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Pam Brown

Marion, IA

I love the Tidbits paper. It has fun information which you don't find in any other paper. I often look at Tidbits when I need a place to go eat or have another need in my household. Tidbits is a great advertising paper.

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Tammy Hepker

Vinton, IA

I love Tidbits! I was a lucky winner of a gift certificate to the cutest little store called MyTyme Creations in Shellsburg, IA. They had such wonderful, handmade craft items and warm friendly service. Thanks Tidbits

for introducing me to this wonderful shop!

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Kerry Hansen

Cedar Rapids, IA

Tidbits has it all, fun facts, helpful features, classifieds and strange but true. I thumb through it at car repair places, bar and grills, and I usually take one with me to check out ads, local events, concerts and food specials. It is fun and different

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Dan Breitbach

Cedar Rapids, IA

I thoroughly enjoy Tidbits. I read it cover to cover every week.  It's a welcome relief from the often gloomy news in the local newspaper.

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Richard Bohrn

Iowa City, IA

Tidbits is one of the most unique and colorful quick reads I have ever run into in my travels around the county. I count on being able to fill in my time at my hair stylist, dentist, car repair shop etc., getting a laugh to make my day, learning something I never knew, or finding a local business that I have a need at that moment. If you see it pick one up and you'll be a fan too.

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Ryan Brems

Cedar Rapids, IA

Tidbit's of Linn County is a wonderful paper to read while taking a break at work and catching up on the trivia or learning of local deals around town. It is certainly something I look for each week.

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Sharon Taylor

Cedar Rapids, IA

I started reading tidbits while I was waiting for my husband to get out of the locker room at a local health club. After reading the first issue, I was hooked. I never minded the wait again. Every week I find myself looking for the new issue to come out. It's a quick, fun, easy paper to read.

Although I normally do not pay attention to advertisements in the magazines that are commonly strewn around waiting rooms in doctors offices, etc, I found myself reading all of the ads in Tidbits.  Why?  I suppose because the businesses that advertise in Tidbits are local.

  I entered a contest from one of the  businesses  and won a prize. What a surprise!  That was like the icing on the cake.  Never did I expect such a small paper to  give me so many big surprises. Thank you

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Kathy Castek

Hiawatha, IA

I won the 2 Penguins Comedy Club tickets. My husband and I went on a Friday night. We enjoyed ourselves very much. We plan to go back again soon. Thanks for picking my name to win the tickets!

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Jane Beck

Cedar Rapids, IA

Reading Tidbits is a fun part of each week!!! It always has such interesting information included and fun things as well. Of course, I love to enter the contests and especially like it if I win something!!! Keep up the good work and all of you who haven't read this little paper, pick one up around town and give it a try.

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Joyce and Harold Hutchins

Marion, IA

Since the beginning of TIDBITS being circulated in this area, We find that we look forward to Tuesday and the weekly edition of the paper.  We enjoy the articles, the puzzles, and this past week we also enjoyed a tasty tenderloin meal from Maid-Rite West by entering the drawing that is offered each week.

Also...thank you for the non-profit ads which run every week.  They have been a great help to our church fundraisers.

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Sharre Simmons

Cedar Rapids

I just wanted everyone to know what a nice experience I had over at the Great American Popcorn Company after winning a gift certificate for one of Tidbits weekly drawings! Who doesn't like free stuff?

The girls at the Great American Popcorn Co. were so sweet! They allowed me to try so many different types of popcorn and ice cream, it was great! I'm hooked on the caramel pecan popcorn...yummy!

It was a great evening to relax with friends, watch movies and enjoy delicious popcorn! Head on over to the Great American Popcorn Co. These ladies will definitely treat you right! Thanks again!

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Gail Nix

I pick the Tidbits up, every chance I get, as I do love the puzzles and stories. I also enjoy the contest, as I have been a winner a couple of times, which is fun. The paper shares a lot of history on things you would not otherwise read about. It's a fun little paper and I pass them on.

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Diane Pollock

Cedar Rapids

Charming, fun paper with great puzzles and articles!  The local nature of the paper makes it a unique delight!

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Rob Liittschwager

Iowa City

Tidbits is great fun and an interesting little paper!!  I read it from front to back.  I enjoy sudoku the puzzles, and the humor in it, and the stories are very worthwhile.

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