I stopped at Zio Johno’s to pick up a take out order. As I waited for my order I looked around for something to read to pass the time.

I spotted a stack of brightly colored papers folded neatly in half. The paper carried the name of Tidbits. The sign said “Free, take one” and so I did. As I flipped through it I forgot that I was in a hurry to get my food order and became more focused on the content of the paper. I couldn’t help but notice the advertising within it especially since I handle marketing for Briarwood. The ads were professionally designed to be eye catching and the detail was crisp and clean. Plus, all the ads were in full color!

Just as I became engrossed with Tidbits trivia and was attempting to solve a puzzle it was announced my order was ready.

The following week I approved ad design  and my ad began running in the Linn County edition and later the Johnson County edition. I have been a Tidbits reader since and continue to market our services with them.

Sincerely, Andrew Maas, RN BSN


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