Classified Ads

Classifieds can be placed one week at a time.
The rate is 25¢ per word, with a minimum of $5 per week.
This will be a standard 9pt Arial font with all words running consecutively after each other.
Custom classified ads that can look like a mini display ad.
The cost per size is the same as above, but with this you can get special fonts, sizes and color. Images/logo can be included at no additional charge
We only require that you commit to 12 consecutive weeks for the custom classified ad.
Your ad can still change weekly without any additional charge.
Classifieds are currently billed out at $4 per square inch.
The base ad size of $5 is actually 1.28 square inches.
Our classified column width is 1.6 inches.
To figure your own classified ad size, it is 1.6″ by the height, then multiply it by $4 to get the actual cost.
We do round up and down to eliminate any cents.
For more information please contact us or call Russ 319-360-3936

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Classified Ads Submission

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Our goal is to cost effectively increase business for our marketing clients
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