It is my pleasure to write a testimonial regarding the impact Tidbits has had on our 11  Linn County Stores.

We have been running an ad every week on the front page since 2006, and receive many comments from customers about those ads. I see Tidbits at many locations in addition to our stores, and always read it myself while waiting for a Doctor appointment, or enjoying lunch at the DQ! It is informative, entertaining, and free!!

In addition to the regular weekly ad, I think your potential clients would like to know of the additional services you have provided to our franchisees. Many of them use you to print up menus for customers to take back to the office for call in orders. I have many times had you design special coupons that we often donate to charity walks or other fundraisers. Often you will make special sale posters for us as well, since we sometimes run specials that the national advertising unit of Dairy Queen does not make available for us. It is invaluable to have a poster in the stores that mirrors the ad we are running in Tidbits.

All in all, we are very pleased with the ongoing relationship we have with you, and would highly recommend Tidbits to anyone looking to reach new or existing customers on a weekly basis, at some of the most reasonable rates anywhere.

Sincerely, Jill Muckler

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