Looking For That Must Have Gift?

Are you still shopping for someone special that needs that must have gift? How about considering what a must have gift is. Instead of some material item that has been manufactured overseas and whose labor force is underpaid, help out our local economy by shopping here in Eastern Iowa. I know we are in a Pandemic and a few clicks on-line is easy, but that purchase will send much of your money to some foreign business and in many cases the foreign government that is totally against the American way of life.
We have locally owned and operated businesses that are really struggling due to reduced sales some of which were caused by no bad judgment of their own doing but by our own Governor for shutting them down. Think about those establishments that purchased large amounts of food such as Corned Beef and were told at 9:00 am on March 17th they could not be opened past noon (It was St. Patrick’s Day).
Then the Derecho hit and every ones power went off and all their refrigerated items had to be thrown out. Possibly other damage that has caused them added expense, and to boot a slow workforce with many workers being asked to take a pay reduction which means fewer people to make local purchases that used too.
Yes some businesses are doing extremely well such as contractors and suppliers and especially sign installers. Have you noticed how many business signs are damaged, some of those will cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair and the insurance in most instances will only cover a portion of the cost and in some instances you needed a separate policy just for the sign.
Please help our locally owned business. Many of them offer gift certificates that can be this years must have. The must have could be that business owner who has worked hard to provide us with their services over the years and now they must have sales to keep providing us for many years to come.
Do you not go out due to the pandemic? Call them and they may deliver what you need. If it’s a restaurant, we have a local delivery service marketing on page 6 just to your left that can help (CHOMP). Page 6 has two retail stores that also offer very nice gifts that will help keep your money here in the corridor.
On the front page we have Dairy Queen and Scooters Coffee which are both locally owned locations. Almost all of the businesses marketing in this paper are locally owned and operated. But the must have purchase to help our local economy should go well beyond those in this paper as we are all in this together to make a strong community here in Eastern Iowa and as many call this “The Corridor”.
If you have the ability to buy a must have gift, please help out and shop local. Think about those business in the small towns surrounding the Corridor. This is not a plea to help out, this is a Must Do the right thing and help those that have built our communities.
Happy Holidays, Russ Swart; publisher

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