Should You Move Closer to Your Aging Loved One?

by Millie Jones

As your family members age, there may come a time when you start to wonder if you need to be closer to them, so you can ensure they can get the help they need. It’s sometimes a difficult call about who needs to move where when the time comes. Many times, senior citizens want to age in place, so they may want you to move to them.

There are several things you need to think about when you’re trying to determine what’s best for your loved one. Safety has to be a priority. For some seniors, seemingly simple tasks, such as using the stove, become dangerous because they may forget that they turned a burner on or that they’re cooking something. Safety considerations can mean aging in place isn’t a good option.

Determine if You Can Provide the Care They Need

Senior citizens sometimes need very specialized care, so you need to determine if you can provide them with the level and type of care they need. For some, help is only necessary with some major tasks, such as mopping the floors or cleaning the bathrooms. Others may need help with other tasks, such as getting dressed or toileting.

Be sure to consider how the caregiving responsibilities may work with your other obligations. For example, you may not be able to be a full-time caregiver if you have a demanding job or children who also need care. Caregiver burnout is an issue in some instances, so be sure you’re realistically thinking about what you can handle.

It may be necessary to hire someone to help care for your loved one. A home health care agency can provide assistance with various tasks. These professionals can come in at whatever frequency your loved one needs, including daily or weekly. Discuss your loved one’s needs with the agency prior to hiring them, so everyone knows what to expect.

Find a Home to Purchase

If you decide to move to be closer to your senior loved one, you need to find a home to purchase. To get the best deal on the mortgage, you must look at several factors, including your credit score and debt-to-income ratio. You can find out the DTI by dividing the total of your monthly bills by your monthly gross income. Lenders also consider your income and job history.

Working with a real estate professional can help you find a home with as little stress as possible. Be sure you know what features you want in the home. If there’s a chance your loved one may move in with you eventually, you probably need a home that has at least one bedroom and bathroom on the main floor just in case stairs become a challenge for them.

Seek Help From Local Companies

Moving to a new place takes a lot of planning and preparation. Once you’re there, you may need to find local goods or services, such as lawn care services or home health care. Turn to a local paper, such as Tidbits, to find small businesses that offer goods and services in your new area.

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